Cruise Canada (Toronto)

BEWARE – I rented a 19 ft RV from the Calgary workplace late Sept 2019. To start with, fuel tank was 1/three full. That was annoying, however minor. What wasn’t a minor annoyance was my carbon monoxide detector shrieking me awake at 3AM my first night time, 5 hours after starting the fuel furnace. I known as traveller help and reset the detector, then hard reset it by pulling the fuse for 5 minutes, and then settled down for the night. Same thing happened subsequent night (my neighbors were not comfortable). I known as once more, options have been to 1) buy a brand new detector and/or 2) purchase an electric heater. In fact, I used to be in Banff over a weekend – no hardware store open. So, I ended up bundling up in my (summer) sleeping bag and waking up from the cold each few hours to run the heater for a few minutes whereas the fuse for the detector was pulled out (not sensible, I know). Doable this was a foul detector, however you cannot smell CO, so it seems nutty to ignore all of it evening long. Probably I was the first individual to make use of the furnace this season? You might see a whole lot of yellow, not blue, flame – so I’m fairly certain meaning it wasn’t burning properly, and it took hours to alarm – seems like a nasty detector would go off straight away. Some observations: 1) This shouldn’t occur – a defective furnace leaking carbon monoxide can kill you. This ought to be maintained/checked earlier than I rent the RV. 2) Why have fuel heat? The Cruise Canada RV website does not let you know this dimension RV (19ft) HAS NO GENERATOR! So the furnace (fan) can solely run 2 hours on the auxiliary battery – so you need to be hooked as much as an electrical outlet at a campsite to run heat in a single day. Why not simply use an electric heater and avoid the propane/CO problem? They did knock a day’s rental off for my near death experience and a number of other nights of poor sleep, however I would not repeat this adventure.

Nevertheless, we were most irritated by the standard of the RV we have been given.

cruises from miami december 2019Thia was the fourth time we’ve got rented an RV in North America and positively probably the most disappointing expertise we’ve had. The depot was understaffed with just one particular person attempting to assist customers returning vehicles and collecting them. Nevertheless, we were most irritated by the standard of the RV we have been given. Mould in cupboards and on the shower curtain, dirty floors, mucky bathroom facilities and a basic lack of cleanliness. Each the inside and exterior have been broken not to say a damaged door lock where the van had bennbroken into. Simply to spherical issues off properly the engine light came on after a number of days inflicting us to have an anxious time on the street. On our return we had been offered $one hundred in settlement for our inconvenience.! Cruise Canada have failed to reply to our emails however the Bolton department have basically said laborious luck! Not an expertise to be beneficial.

I will be honest, our hiring of an RV from Cruise Canada is a story in parts. That is our departure story. We employed our RV from an unbiased social gathering, who supplied us with instructions for the collection of our RV, together with the restriction that we couldn’t pick it up on the day of arrival into Canada, being that we had been travelling internationally. Truthful enough, that is smart, falling asleep at the wheel of a 24ft automobile travelling at speed can be disastrous for anybody. It additionally acknowledged that we should name the depot 24hrs upfront of our reservation, so we did this as well. Once we did so, we had been greeted with the most bemused response of ‘why? your reservation is tomorrow.’ err, because we have been told to? Nevermind. The next day, we are scratching our heads, attempting to figure out out to get to the depot. On our tablet, we were struggling to seek out the depot location, however ultimately located it, but the website comes with no directions for how one can get to the depot. The email we acquired consists of tdriving instructions, but, on condition that we’re hiring an RV, it would seem rather odd to rent a car as effectively? That was not the only odd part. So, with no particulars on the Cruise Canada webpage, we tried to name the depot to get some advice from the individuals there on how to get to Bolton from downtown Toronto, only to be greeted with ‘how would I know that?’. Final time I checked, You are a Journey Company. Some other automobile hire company contains details on how one can get to a location, not a clueless answer. After arriving, we were a bit confused to be charged $seven hundred dollars in tax. Once we requested the woman serving us, she hadn’t got a clue why, walked about a foot to her manager who, very clearly within earshot, stated ‘tell them it’s tax, they need to pay it’. She walked a foot again, to repeat what he had said – no worries expensive, ‘they’ heard good and nice the first time spherical. A lesson in manners would be really useful – nay, 3 or 4. From there, it went from dangerous to worse. When we left the depot (after $130 taxi fare, thanks for picking somewhere fully out of the best way!), we found that the hot water wasn’t working, and neither had been the electricals. Upon some investigation, my heating engineer partner ultimately located the heater, only to search out it hadn’t even been commissioned i.e. after we switched the hot water on, the hot water tank was being heated while empty, because the water hadn’t been switched on. This, by the way in which, was all behind sealed models that technically we weren’t presupposed to entry. The guide that got here with the RV was ineffective, as the directions didn’t match the unit we had. I’ll get onto that shortly. Whilst investigating, we tried to call the Travellers Help, acquired minimize off and never heard from them once more (correction, not til we referred to as them back solely to be told that they hadn’t got spherical to calling as they had been too busy). We also tried to contact the depot to speak to the mechanic who guided us around the van in the primary place, only to be advised that the receptionist was too busy to talk to us. Over an hour later, the manager calls us again (not the mechanic, as requested) – rather late in my guide, contemplating we had been caught on the facet of the freeway at the time all of this was taking place. When instructed we had resolved the issues, we were mainly informed that we will need to have misunderstood what we were instructed: 1) the van was able to go (no, it actually wasn’t – I will also be aware the kits we paid for on prime of the rental were not in the van and needed to be fetched after we did a quick verify) 2) there was an inverter within the system that would mean the electrics would work with no shoreline – nope, no inverter. I can’t make inverter up, I don’t even know what one is, but I was informed very clearly that I had one. Oh yeah and forget an apology, that would not be necessary as it was a miscommuncation. Right. Cruise Canada documentation is nothing but poor – one manual for his or her whole fleet of RVs, no matter dimension. The data in it doesn’t correspond – which is a bit of distrubing once you get to the checklist of fines for broken or lacking objects – especially when the kits you’re provided with don’t correspond with the handbook. We did not get a checklist once we left Toronto, and naturally freaked out when seeing that we can be fined for gadgets we never had in the first place. So yeah – Cruise Canada (Toronto), you get one star because you had a pleasant mechanic who, despite feeding us inaccurate info about our automobile was one of the best part of the depot. Your staff are in any other case rude and clueless and there is no hazard of a chance we’d rent an RV from you again.