18 Things You can do On A Cruiser But Not On A Sportbike

Positively written from a cruiser standpoint, but entertaining all the identical.

We’ve a buddy that may do one thousand mile days on his Daytona 675 so it simply relies on the rider whether or not cruisers trump sport bikes.

Canajun5 March 2019 at 13:02
Trobairitz – True. Perhaps we’re just getting lazy. Back within the day after we simply had ‘bikes’ and never all these varied sub-classes I believe riders had been of hardier stock, and some of them nonetheless exist immediately. 🙂

Paulo5 March 2019 at 23:17
Wow, 1,000 miles a day on a Daytona…most people cannot even try this in a automotive.

Canajun, this was a superb and entertaining submit!!!…. I wanted a good snicker in the course of this winter down time. I’m suffering from PMS! (parked motorcycle syndrome)

All in good fun!

Oh, Stephen Warde, where to start?

There are such a lot of factors I’d must disagree with, starting with…

#1. Go for a long Ride?…. Really? Every year I take a 5000+ mile journey out west. I trip it out and again, never trailer it. My large sport bike is 5 years outdated and has 50,000 miles on it, seven hundred mile days aren’t unusual.
#3 Speed up in order for you? ….I say, attempt to sustain!…
#Four Pack Issues? I bring clothes and camping gear with no drawback… My aftermarket GIVI side luggage and a tank bag work perfectly! I bring a lot stuff.
#7 Better Dealing with? If by better dealing with Mr Warde thinks straight line stability = handling… I still do not get it. I can experience for miles with no fingers on the bars…
#9 Does not even make sense. If any motorcycle will get any water or mud “in” the engine, there’s going to be issues! So should you cake up the outside of the cylinders of your big air cooled engine with mud, issues will nonetheless be Ok???
#10 Larger Gasoline Tank? My bike has 5.Eight gallon tank and that i can simply get 200 miles between fuel stops! Sure, a 78 hp V-twin will get better mileage, but it takes gas to feed a 190+ hp engine…
#11 Trip Safely?… A fast test of crash statistics will present that the majority crashes are inexperienced riders and most of them are older, first time, helmet-less riders on cruisers, that straightened out a easy curve! Often there’s alcohal involved… Sure, there are some immature, younger idiots on the market on sport bikes, YouTube is filled with them! There are idiots on each style of bike
#12 Is just a restatement of #4!
#14 Really? If you wish to sleep in your bike, go forward… I am going to sleep next to mine on the picnic table!
#16….. don’t get me happening the whole loud pipes thing!!!! Mr. Warde, ever see the South Park episode about that? hehehehe
#18… Let me see if I get this? You are saying that a bike that by no means changes by no means goes out of model? I assume if I needed to experience a replica of the 1903 H-D the 2019’s will nonetheless look like the 111 year outdated first editions?

I am going to give you numbers 5 and 13! I do not do much four wheeling or sand dune riding with my Zx-14… I’ve better instruments for that job.

The entertainment goes on and on… I would have to say, Mr Warde needs to attempt a big sport bike, he’d be amazed at the room, smoothness, and capability of it. And, sure, before he tells me to do the same, there was a time in my life once i rode a H-D….. I won’t be going back to at least one any time soon!

Interesting how the links lead back to a sport bike fairing business…LOL

Canajun5 March 2019 at 16:16
This might be the start of a brand new Mac-Computer type struggle. 🙂

Erik5 March 2019 at 17:35
It is all in good natured enjoyable… I have friends that trip cruisers, some on H-D’s, some on Japanese clones. There’s loads of jokes cracked between us. So long as they continue to ride, and depart the trailer at dwelling the place it belongs, we get alongside high quality. My finest riding buddy has each a H-D and a sport-touring bike… He is very conflicted!

Canajun5 March 2019 at 17:Fifty three
I think that is among the best issues about most motorcyclists – no less than in my experience – is that it would not matter what you trip so long as you journey. And the joshing is usually pointed, however in good fun such as you say. (And that i will not point out my trailer.)

Judd11 March 2019 at 15:50
What he might have meant (and if that’s the case, I should agree) is that cruisers are more stable in a straight line as a consequence of their longer wheelbase, and the lower centre of gravity. And concerning velocity, if he meant that on many cruisers you’ll be able to speed up in any gear with just a twist of the throttle, with out having to kick down, I’d agree with that as well.

very informative submit…. thank you sir for such useful tips…i’ll attempt to follow them….

South Coast Tours

Who needs to race anyhow? Nice thought to simply chill on a cruiser and watch the surroundings go by with not a care on the planet. If solely day by day may very well be like that!

I lost it at “take your bicycle with you” LOL.

Simply checked the specs of my sport-touring FZ1 and it has a larger carrying capability than an Electra Glide. Faster too in a straight line and undoubtedly around curves. Checking the specs my bike gets the same fuel mileage as the HD however comes with a slightly larger tank. Nearly as snug to experience too, once I tweaked the ergonomics a bit. 400kms a day? That’s just over a tank of gas for me. 700kms a day is regular, without getting drained. The Harley wins although, I suppose, as a result of it comes with a stereo. 🙂

Obviously written as leisure, and not as a critical attempt at accurate data. But I must marvel I the author has ever really ridden a sport bike…. They don’t have gasoline pedals.

Id need to say it even will depend on one’s spirit. Even back in the days individuals beloved to race one another all the time. The necessity for velocity won’t ever get old and should you wanna speak about racking up miles. The dual sports are taking over that class and i mean critical mileage like going world wide one road and off road. This text is just one sided which I dont even agrew with most of it. I mean who doesnt love the sound of a excessive revving engine 😉 my buddies who have harleys love my 600rr and I really like their harley sometimes we even swap bikes for a day.

My touring kit is a very good factor to have too.

I’ve ridden cruisers and now experience a sport touring bike. The sport touring wins, hands down. I do 200 miles on my each day commute, and 500 for fun on weekends and i feel no ache, however my outdated cruisers, I acquired low again pain due to poor riding posture. My 5.5 gallon tank will get me about 175 miles, and i get to take pleasure in the very same scenery as one would with a cruiser. Certain, dirt/mud sucks, but also sucked when on my old cruiser so I see no difference, besides my sport bike will get better efficiency, higher dealing with, and I’ve by no means needed to stop and stretch my legs. My touring kit is a very good factor to have too. Carries the whole lot I want, after which some. Each tool needed to street service my bike, rain suit, soda, food, my leather-based, hard hat for work, together with different stuff my paranoia makes me deliver that I might never want, however just incase…. I have it.

Humorous story though.

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